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Why should you should consider renting?

Why should you should consider renting?When it comes to living in Australian property, purchasing with home loans seems to be the default choice. For many, there’s a general impression that renting property is some kind of short-term bridge between leaving your family and buying your first home.

But if you’ve had your eye on real estate news for the last few years, you’ll notice that purchasing real estate in Australia is getting increasingly difficult, particularly in certain capital cities.

While there are many great perks and benefits from owning property, there are also key advantages to renting that make it an appealing option.


Affordability is a big factor for anyone. In this field, the case for renting seems to have the upper hand.

The Housing Industry Association reported in June that the National Affordability Index dropped by 2.9 per cent. Sydney and Melbourne saw the greatest decreases, at 6.9 and 9.1 per cent respectively. This demonstrates that housing prices are rising faster than people’s earnings.

While people with low interest home loans can still find ways to adapt and purchase property, it outlines just how comparatively affordable renting could be.

The deal with yields

The best way to observe this comparison is not just to examine rental rates, but to take a look at yields. Sure, rates can give you a snapshot into how much it’ll cost you per week, but this alone will not give you a holistic view.

Yield figures on the other hand, will show you how renting stacks up to buying property in the current market, which is the real contest here. This can be defined as the percentage of rental income to the home’s purchase price.

For instance, CoreLogic RP Data research notes that the median rental price for a Sydney house was $610 in July. This figure might seem high and have you consider buying instead.

However, figures reveal that Sydney’s rental yield was down 0.2 per cent over the quarter, and decreased by 0.6 per cent over the year to July. This shows that rental income were in fact lower than they should have been when considering property prices.

This is true for many of the other capital cities as well, and is a sign that renting could the far more affordable option in relativity to housing prices.

Stable rates

Another good reason to look at houses for rent is the fact that rates have been mostly stagnating. Australia’s combined capital cities experienced a 0.7 per cent decline in rates over the September quarter, with every single one recording negative change.

Melbourne has lead the charge in rental growth over the year, showing a 2.1 per cent rate increase in the year to September but clearly, this figure is hardly something to worry over.

With stable rates that are lower than property prices would have them, anyone who may struggle with mortgage repayments should consider renting instead.

Renting Versus Buying – The Housing Dilemma

Is now the right time to rent or buy?
Is now the right time to rent or buy?

Current market conditions coupled with increasing housing affordability, has many renters questioning if now is the time to stretch their budgets and commit to buying their own home.

But serious consideration needs to be given to the person’s individual and financial situation to ensure they make the right decision.

The advantages of each housing option should be weighed against the drawbacks to find the one that best suits specific needs and individual situations.

Renting offers great flexibility with the option to relocate from home to home and area to area, as the need arises, is often a cheaper alternative to buying, with monthly rental payments usually less than a mortgage repayment for a comparable property and without the other incidental costs which can be incurred as a home owner.

One of the greatest financial and stress-free advantages of renting is that property maintenance costs, repairs, rates and insurance bills are the responsibility of the owner, and not the renter.

Despite these many advantages of renting a property, there are some disadvantages which will make buying preferable, particularly in light of escalating monthly rentals.  The most obvious one being the difficulty renters face placing their own personal stamp on a rental property.

There is also the fact landlords can inspect their property whenever they wish, with sufficient notice, potentially disturbing the renter’s privacy.

But the biggest disadvantage of renting is that the property can never be paid off by the tenant, making the money lost for good, without any chance of recovering it in a sale of the property.

This is where First National can really help.  We offer advice and assistance based on the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to understand the market, its trends and its weaknesses and opportunities to ensure home buyers and renters make the most of their finances over the long term by considering the impact on personal net wealth and cash flow over a lifetime.