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3 tips for selling your home this summer

3 tips for selling your home this summerThere are a number of things to think about before selling your home. This is a time of big change so you’ll want to make the best of the situation to ensure you get the best result possible. If you’re looking to sell over the warmer months there are a couple of things you can do to make your property appeal to a summer buyer.

Maximising outdoor space

It’s easy to let the summer sun get in the way of going some routine gardening but making sure that your outdoor area looks its best is a sure way to capture a buyer’s attention.

Your buyers will be looking for a space where they can enjoy the sun so sprucing up the exterior of your home and keeping a high level of kerb appeal will massively improve your chances of securing a sale. Water the grass and garden so it looks lush come inspection time and clean up any outdoor entertaining areas. A lick of paint on fences or a new coat of oil on your deck will freshen up the outside’s appearance.

Keep it cool

Scheduling inspections at the beginning of the day can have two benefits. First, buyers are more likely to venture out house hunting earlier in the morning when they have plenty of time rather than late in the afternoon when the day’s coming to an end. Second, an early inspection will avoid the heat of the afternoon sun.

There is nothing worse than a stuffy home so keeping doors and windows open for ventilation or switching the air con on low will make the inside a pleasant place to be on a warm day. Little details like a vase of flowers or a scented candle can also make the indoors a nice place to be.

Summer clean

Forget spring – summer is the perfect time to thoroughly clean your home. If your kids are off school for the holidays get them involved in the clean up. Not only does decluttering add a bit of polish, it can help put you in the right frame of mind for a move.

First Home Buyers Get a Jump on Spring

Research Before BuyingFor would-be home buyers hoping to capitalise on prime buying market conditions and get a jump start on the peak Spring season, here’s some helpful research tips to make sure they get the most house for their dollar.

  • houses that have been sold multiple times over a short period.  This could signal a problem with the home or immediate location and new owners are looking to offload it soon after they take possession.
  • any easements that could affect what you would like to do with the property.  Tears often result when a much desired and longed for pool, or extension is unable to be built because there is an easement in the way.  Check the plans carefully or seek appropriate legal advice.
  • overhead wires or storm water drains and easements that could affect the value of the property and prove restrictive or prohibitive.
  • zoning and regulations.  Homes that are in areas susceptible to ‘forces of nature’ such as floods, or fires, can add costs to a property, especially insurance, and may impact on any future plans.
  • geography of the property’s location. The high side of the street is often more valuable, there’s sometimes a better side of the highway/railway and proximity to transport.  Check if it is under a flight path and remember that in some locations, flight paths vary to share noise at different times of day.
  • rat runs. Is the property located beside or on a road that is normally quiet, but becomes choked around peak hours with cars avoiding traffic snarls in other nearby locations? This may affect the property’s value or its livability.

Local amenities, services and facilities are also important to research.  This includes things like the property’s proximity to schools and shops, or health and welfare centres and hospitals as well as recreational facilities such as gyms or parks and gardens.

There are plenty of readily available places for a home buyer to gather information.  The web, the local council especially for planning, zoning and regulation matters and  word of mouth.  Talking to neighbours is a good place to start, but local real estate agents are the best, particularly First National agents whose promise is to put you first.  They exert a great deal of time and effort in keeping their clients up to date in the most appropriate and convenient manner.  Sometimes that is face to face, and sometimes it is through technology such as the web, Twitter, SMS, email and facebook.”

First Home Buyers Get a Jump on Spring

With signs that first home buyers are springing into action, even though in most states they are facing reducing government assistance, First National Real Estate offers some helpful advice for those entering the market, saying research is critical.

Given the current buyer’s market, first home buyers need to take the time they need to do the research required to ensure they buy the best property they can for their hard-earned dollars.

The following tips will help maximise chances of success.

When looking for a property set a price range and stick to it and consider location and condition of the property. Is it close to schools, transport and amenities and does it need major repairs?  Have you budgeted for any necessary repairs?

To save a deposit for a property, remember it is all about discipline.  Cater for emergencies and capitalize on all government incentive and assistance programs.  Establish a budget and a timeline and monitor and evaluate as you go, making any necessary adjustments.

For securing finance, do the research and make sure you understand all the options available to you.  And don’t get too attached to one property, there are plenty more on the market.

Once you have found your property and you are paying the mortgage, make fortnightly payments which could save you thousands in the long run.  And make sure you are prepared for monthly repayments to go up and down in response to rate fluctuations.

The last piece of advice, and the best, is to seek the assistance of an expert who has good local knowledge and has a trustworthy and reliable reputation such as First National Real Estate agents who are renowned for putting their customers first which is why they continue to grow at a time when many others are scaling back.

Negotiate Your Way in a Buyer’s Market

First National Real Estate offers some negotiation tips for those selling their home in a  buyers market.

First and foremost, vendors selling in a buyer’s market must carefully and realistically assess their price expectations, and to remember they are dealing with buyers, who have feelings and emotions, just like them

Other negotiation tips, include:

  1. Remember the concept of win-win.  Both parties need to feel that there has been give and take on both sides of the negotiation.
  2. Do it quickly.  A protracted, drawn out negotiation process can cost thousands in the wash up.
  3. Get the price right.  Overpriced properties deter home buyers from making offers.
  4. Respect the other side.  Understanding and empathising with the other side can be a very powerful tool in negotiating and helps establish rapport.
  5. Offers should be in writing. This helps avoid misunderstandings and additional stress.
  6. Be willing to compromise.  Never reject a first offer out of hand.  Focus on the top priorities and don’t let emotions overrule sensible judgement.   Always make a counter-offer and be careful not to make unreasonable demands or issue ultimatums.
  7. Set your limits.  Know what your absolute bottom line is, and stick to it.
  8. Be prepared to walk away.  This may mean the property gets taken off the market.
  9. Be realistic and flexible.  This may mean meeting half-way, which is a time-honoured negotiation strategy proven to be very successful in countless negotiations.
  10. Ask for advice.  Real estate professionals are trained in negotiation and have the local knowledge and expertise to help achieve a realistic price for a property.

First National Supports Rates Decision

First National Real Estate says RBA’s decision to keep interest rates on hold is the right one because the market needs stability to counter ongoing consumer nervousness and tension.

The network’s members have reported drops in listing volumes for the second month in a row, which, in part, reflects home owners waiting for selling conditions to improve before they put their properties on the market but also reflects seasonal factors.

While the market remains slow in much of Australia, decreases in housing availability will begin to place upward pressure on prices as it increases competition, ultimately reducing the number of days it takes to sell a home.

Home buying opportunities, even with the rates remaining steady, were still considered plentiful as interest rates are still relatively low and home prices are at their most affordable for quite a number of years – which all bodes well for a property market looking for signs of stability and recovery.

Any rate decreases could have further added to consumer nervousness, which is still suffering from uncertainty around global economies and impacts of rising living costs, especially with the advent of the carbon tax.

At the same time, an increase now could result in reduced affordability, something first home buyers in particular can ill-afford at a time when some of the government assistance schemes are being cut back or dropped altogether.

Home buyers are encouraged to negotiate better rates with mortgage lenders including the Big 4 banks who are all on record as saying they are willing to discuss rates with home buyers in order to retain their share of the market, giving buyers a real position of power.

A calm approach is exactly what is needed right now to allow the property market to catch its breath and stabilise activity, so it can prepare for the next wave of influencing factors. This falls right into the hands of home buyers who should be able to secure the best deals they have for many years.

Warm Up Winter Buyers

Selling your home is nerve-racking at best but there are some things a seller can do to maximise the value of their property, even when the weather is cold and things look a bit dull and gray.

The most important tip is to appoint a well-respected, reputable and trustworthy real estate agent because they have a duty to achieve the best price for their clients, keep their finger on the pulse of the market and  keep their clients educated and informed on current market trends.  

Agents are encouraged to think creatively and strategically to shorten the number of days properties are on the market and maximize the price of the property, including updating photography, being positive and upbeat, using all the marketing tools such as social media and networks, and making sure the seller sets the right price. 

Here are a few things sellers can easily undertake and afford to present their properties in the best possible light: 

  • Paint a few feature walls to create visual impact.  Consider using the services of an interior decorator for a quick consultation and some ideas.
  • Add a few personal touches like family photos and memorabilia around the place to give that ‘homey’ feel
  • Keep lights on during inspections to add an interesting touch and make sure curtains, shutters and blinds are open – letting in as much natural light as possible as well as make rooms feel much more spacious.
  • Make sure everything is clean including windows, both inside and out and light fittings.
  • Place some flowers in vases to liven things up a bit, and even consider spraying some perfume around (but not too much!)
  • Turn on heaters so that the temperature inside the home is comfortable, inviting the buyer to linger longer, especially on cold days. 

Another key tip is that sellers should always try to keep in mind who they are selling to, just like any other product that is for sale. 

At the end of the day, sellers should put themselves in the place of the buyer, think about what would they look for and make sure their home delivers as best as it can. That’s what First National Real Estate does – they think of their clients and put them first, because that’s what they would like if they were clients.