Saving money when gardening

saving moneyMany people enjoy spending time in their gardens as a way to beautify their home and relax, but gardening can be much more than just a hobby. It can also help you save money.

Cutting down on grocery bills

Who doesn’t love a fresh salad, juicy tomato or extra helping of delicious herbs? By utilising your home’s garden, you can cut out the middleman and grow herbs and vegetables yourself.

Even property owners with limited space can take advantage of a little sun and water by employing containers. These can be placed on balconies and decks if your yard isn’t big enough to contain a veggie patch.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular gardening choices, as they are easy to grow and provide plenty of return. Lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and squash are also popular choices for beginner gardeners looking to cut down on their grocery bills.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, growing herbs can help you spice up your cooking without costing you at the supermarket. Sage, rosemary, mint, thyme, chives, and basil can all easily be grown in containers, raised beds and in the ground.

Saving on water

For more ambitious gardeners who are looking to save on their utility bills when it comes to water usage, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help both your bank account and Mother Nature.

For instance, native plants require much less water than those that can’t be found in the area in which you live. Additionally, planting things very close together will lessen the space you must cover when watering and allow you to keep thirsty plants happy while spending less.

It’s also a good idea to recycle water. Whether this means unused water from drinking glasses in your home or rainwater collected in a barrel, there are plenty of ways to keep gardens thriving without turning on your hose.

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